At The Elliott Hotel, we understand and recognise that our business and our activities have an impact on the environment in which we operate.

We believe we have an obligation to protect and conserve New Zealand’s natural resources so that our country remains a great place for future generations.

The Elliott Hotel is committed to continually improve the environmental performance of its business operation and the environmental awareness of its staff.

Our Environmental Issues

We have identified our main environmental issues as:
  • Disposal of rubbish and recycling:
    • Green baskets in all our rooms to encourage hotel guests to help with disposal of their recycling.
    • Housekeeping staff carry and supply separate bags on their trolley for other types of additional recycling (ie paper and cardboard, boxes and shopping carry bags).
    • We have operations and systems in place for the collection and ultimate disposal of recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, tin and aluminum from the hotel premises.
    • Hotel administration has taken many steps to reduce its paper use and circulates internal communications electronically rather than use printed documents.

  • Use and conservation of energy and water;
    • Energy efficient light bulbs are used where ever possible.
    • Encouraging our guests to help us conserve water and energy through appropriate signage requesting them to either please hang their bathroom linens for re-use or to please leave their bathroom linens in the shower cubical for replacement at time of room service.
    • Encouraging our guests to participate in saving energy by switching off appliances, heater and lights when leaving the hotel room.
    • Timers on light circuits when not in usage.
    • Motion sensor activated light for low usage areas (ie carpark).
    • Energy efficiencies by using gas heating in public areas (ie service walkways).
    • Windows that open to allow natural ventilation rather than air conditioning.
    • Rooms that are not allocated to have all non-essential energy sources switched off until needed e.g. TV turned off and not on stand-by mode.

  • Efficient re-use of upgraded supplies/products;
    • Donate old and unwanted linen, cutlery and kitchen equipment to City Mission or Women’s Refuge, where appropriate.

  • Use of environmentally friendly products and supplies;
    • Housekeeping cleaning chemicals - All. Chem & Kemsol Green.
    • Eco Pal - Biodegradable plastic rubbish bin liners and kitchen bin liners.
    • LiVi Toilet paper rolls(700 sheets:double the quantity for half the packaging.
    • Paints used throughout buildings are environmentally friendly, Resene paints.

We appreciate our guests’ assistance in helping us preserve our environment. We hope that they will leave The Elliott Hotel, knowing that their support and actions will help us maintain and enhance their experience.

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